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About Us

Edukid Books Malaysia The Nation’s Leading Book Wholesaler and Distributor Serving The Publishing & Book Selling Industries Since 1989.

Edukid Distributors Sdn Bhd, is the leading children books publishers and distributors. Since 1989, the company has grown rapidly to serve the reading public and learning institutes private and government throughout Malaysia.Edukid Distributor has also captured the interest of many publishers and distributors around the world due to its commitment to provide excellent customer service.

Edukid Distributors Sdn Bhd - In the year of 1989 focused on distributing children books to all major book stores, supermarkets,hypermarkets and departmental stores in Malaysia. Experiencing the sincere and unfailing dedication blended with pure commitment of the pioneer personnel of the company, today we have become on of the leading book and educational material distributors throughout the nation and abroad.

Servicing over 750 bookstores,hypermarkets,pre schools, and other learning institutes, the expanded professional work force in now rapidly penetrating the international markets also.

We also exclusively represent other major publishers in Malaysia such as the Kohwai & Young Publication (M) Sdn Bhd, Early Learner Publications Sdn Bhd, Scholars Publications Sdn Bhd, Noon Publications, Qaf Publications and others. Edukid Distributors is also honored by the Japanese, Australia, UK & India by granting its distributing rights in Malaysia.

Our participation in Public events has also proved our commitment in creating an organization which is not solely profit orientated but also to help the National policy create a learned and knowledge society. Edukid Distributors has than participated in the Kuala Lumpur International Book Fair for the past 18 years without fail and the respond is overwhelming.

Edukid Books is by far the largest supplier of children's books, general books, educational posters, educational games and puzzles to every Malaysian bookstore as well as supplying to supermarkets, departmental stores and hypermarkets with imported and domestic publications. We serve more than 700 retail accounts throughout the nation on a regular basis that includes Brunei and Singapore.

  • We specialize in the distribution of mass market children's books.
  • We also distribute handicraft books, general titles, indoor games and puzzles.
  • We service over 750 book retailers, supermarkets, hypermarkets and chain stores.
  • We represent several quality publishers from Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Japan, UK and India.
  • We attend the major international book fairs including London Book Fair and Frankfurt Book Fair.
  • In recognition of our outstanding service, we received the Vendor of the Year award from Toys 'R' Us.
  • Kindergartens rely on us for various teaching aids including flash cards, posters, and books.
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